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  • " To Raise Global Consciousness "
  • Helping Needy Street Homeless Children
    We are helping the children like:
    Holistic Education
  • Community Meditation
    Meditation is a process of merging with nature.
    Identifying the power of silence as observer.
    Follow the law of nature - unconditional love.
    Know your inner self.
    Acceptance of existence.
    Plays a powerful role in daily life.
  • Healing
    Traditional Remedies
  • Events
    Param Pranyog do the Maximum no. of Events
    Events For Food Distribution
    Events For Clothing Distribution
    Events For Meditation
    Events For Healing
    Events To Support Community In Need
  • Yoga
    Yoga is an internal practice. The rest is just a circus.
    It increases endurance, strength and flexibility.
    Mental endurance and physical stamina
    Arm and shoulder strength
    Hip flexors are stretched and rebuilt
  • Stress
    Meditation remove Stress
    Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations
    Building skills to manage your stress
    Increasing self-awareness
    Focusing on the present

Welcome to Param Pranyog The Mission

double11 For more than 14 years Param Pranyog has been engaged to generate SANJEEVANI (Positive Aura). Through teaching meditation and consciousness projects, among the masses to inject positive energy towards the most required issue , like , greenery, peaceful soul , terrorism, global warming, poverty, mental hygiene, corruption ,holistic ,n healthy way to life, for stable beautiful life and we are taking care of Many underprivileged Street children of slums. old age home most needy corner of the society , Come, be a part of the mission and share credit of this beautiful act. You can be a part of pray meditation wherever you are on this earth, at the same time matching Indian time(Refer to schedule for timing & topic details). double12

Through meditation and consciousness projects and positive energy, Param Pranyog has been focusing on the most required national and global issues including poverty, mental hygiene, environment, peace, global warming, corruption, holistic and healthy way to live for a stable beautiful life. Param Pranyog uses all of these issues as the focus daily on caring for countless underprivileged street children in the slums of India as well as the aged homeless in need of even just the basic needs of life.

Param Pranyog invites you to be a part of this incredible life shifting mission. Come experience the true meaning of compassion being one with the global community by joining in global meditations with Param Pranyog, contributing monetarily to assist in the housing, feeding, clothing and education of these without a voice. We also have an ‘ambassadors’ program that we invite you to read about. Come join your like minded brothers and sisters around the world in truly family connection and make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Good evening from India !
I am here with Parampranyog, Staying in a warm, deeply loving home with Munesh Kumar Sinha, Sonali Sinha, and beautiful Shamil heart emoticon

We have been visiting the children at all 3 centers, and distributing clothes to those who are in need throughout the slums of Ghaziabad near New Dehli. What Parampranyog is doing is so much more than I could have ever imagined before coming to India. The work includes not only Education, but also Health, Ancient wisdom of Yoga and Consciousness, Healing, Family, Meditation, Nature, Tradition, Global Awareness.I have had the blessed opportunity to see and experience many things in my life, and thus far this has been THE MOST unbelievable, indescribable experience. My heart has been opened to the max, and I Am in Love. I have searched for Several years, everyday.. and what I was searching for knowingly and unknowingly I have found. I believe these teachings and this message of Parampranyog is EXACTLY what the world needs. The Goals and Vision of Parampranyog are inspirational and will without doubt have beyond Global effects.
Just alone the experience of being with Munesh and his family is healing and refreshing. The joy of giving I am learning just by being in their radiant presence each day.
I support this Organization and encourage you all to come to India and have a look . !!
AnToni Hodge

November 20, 2014
(Our Proud Goodwill Ambassador)

We need Ambassador's

 We would love to add you as one of our global goodwill ambassadors for Param Pranyog. We are committed to working for peace on earth by collective meditation and social action to help the needy, homeless and underprivileged street children of India. Have have more than 100 “ambassadors” the world that support with prayer and meditation. 50% of those are active in helping to raise the monetary funds to support. However.. it’s never enough sad to say. The need is beyond comparison and we would love to have you participate in one of our fund raising formats or with your local community, friends, family and artists. Let us know if you would like to add your name to this noble cause here on earth with your kindred brothers and sisters.
www.parampranyog.org - United States Of America (U.S.A.)

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