Welcome to Param Pranyog - The Mission

For more than 12 years Param Pranyog has been engaged to generate SANJEEVANI (Positive Aura). Through meditation and consciousness projects, among the masses to inject positive energy towards the most required issue , like , greenery, peaceful soul , terrorism, global warming, poverty, mental hygiene, corruption ,holistic ,n healthy way to life, for stable beautiful life and we are taking care of more than 600 underprivileged poor children of slums. old age home most needy corner of the society , Come, be a part of the mission and share credit of this beautiful act.
You can be a part of pray meditation wherever you are on this earth, at the same time matching Indian time (Refer to schedule for timing & topic details).


Param Pranyog is a Globally-renowned practice in the field of Mind-body healing, Dhyana and Yog. Currently engaged in activities covering holistic healing and conservation of energy through different levels of meditation – sthul darshan (physical body), jivan yatra (life journey), bramh yatra (journey of universe), chakra yatra, and finally realization of self in the maze of time and Space. The Organization is into Non-Profit, Non-commercial activity, purely devoted to the upliftment of mankind through ancient practice of uniting self with the divine and realizing unharnessed potential of SELF, who we are? why we are ? and finally How to attain that much needed balance in the material world and see the direction we are heading towards.

The objective is achieved through social organization and social development with the concept of mental hygiene, workshop, seminar & motivational speeches. This is spearheaded by thoroughly experienced communicator and leader with understanding of human body, mind and bioplasmic energy, collection of positive energy for the last 10 years.

Happy world peace day,to all world,message from sweden ,our world goodwill amassador ,sweat josefen ,and teresia k scher ,thanks oth of u for this love to our org. and world.